Athletes are constantly maintaining muscle mass by working, stressing and stretching those strong little fibers. If you are planning to leave home during the cold season and plan on draining your hot tub, it’s important that you winterize your tub before doing so. A more demure tub like The Mirage Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 10(4), pp.259–262. After you have been active, your muscles are already heated. After you add the sanitizer to the water, it’s also a good idea to use a jet-line cleaner such as Marquis Jet-Line cleaner or Swirl-Away. Don’t jump straight into bed after drying off, however. There is a reason you do a cool-down after a ride and not a “heat-up.”. Contrast water immersion hastens plasma lactate decrease after intense anaerobic exercise. Because it is not to hire a massage therapist after every workout, foam rollers, rolling sticks or compression balls can be used to apply the necessary pressure to break up collagen and promote optimal muscle recovery. At this point, you should use a hot tub surface cleaner to clean the entire tub. If you notice that one lift costs a lot more than the next, ask the vendor why and make sure the answer seems on the level. Soaking in your hot tub is also a great way to soak up some extra magnesium via Epsom salts. The researchers' conclusion was “contrast water immersion is a valid and effective means of accelerating recovery from high-intensity exercise in both males and females,” which is good to know but is clearly not the same as soaking in a spa. Also make sure that neck jets and waterfall control valves are turned on so that water is flowing through every possible area of the plumbing system. Many bodily systems are activated to maintain a healthy temperature. On top of these great benefits, the hot tub environment Apart from dimensions, there are a few other characteristics you should look for when buying a hot tub; the shape, the filter system, care instructions and warranty. You’ll need to measure how much free space surrounds your hot tub, and then pay attention to the spatial requirements of available cover lifts that fit your needs. Every hot tub A large hot tub/spa company, says on their website, “studies have shown that both heat and cold therapy can promote healing and prevent muscle damage following exercise.”. Heat therapy is the primary course of action for people suffering from chronic pain such as that of fibromyalgia or arthritis. Just as with large machinery, hydraulic-assisted lifts relieve the pressure on the metal bars and hinges and actually help the mechanism last longer. Leicht, C.A., James, L.J., Briscoe, J.H.B. Cold Vs. Heat After Exercise—Is There a Clear Winner for Muscle Soreness. Breaking up adhesions can help reduce muscle tightness and improve joint range of motion. Looking for more wellness information? GH enhances lipolysis, fat oxidation and fat burning. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who exercise frequently, you know how important it is to warm up, stretch, and cool down as part of your workout. Tense back muscles are one of the leading causes of lower back and neck soreness. Hot Tub & Muscle Recovery: Should You Hot Tub After a Bike Ride? Secondly, the warm temperature of the water in the hot tub increases blood circulation to the affected area, bringing oxygen and nutrients that are essential for natural healing. This is made especially easy when suspended in the hot tub. Heat therapy helps increase blood flow, stimulate healing, and relax muscles. This research only looked at Contrast Water Therapy that alternated between 53°F (12°C) water and 97°F (36°C) water baths. Usually once or twice a month, my friends Drs. Stay away from products that are cream-based, Epsom Salts, and other types of bath salts that are not designed for hot tubs. That’s all there is to it! And a warm soak can decrease inflammation and reduce recovery time. Doctors and physiotherapists recommend warming those aching muscles and bones in water that is no higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then doing some gentle stretching and movement exercises. Cold acts as a natural compression and will help aid recovery by reducing swelling and slowing the flow of blood to traumatized areas. As a result, your heart rate doubles, you sweat profusely, blood flow becomes altered, and your body releases cortisol and catecholamines. Hobbies: MTBing, snowboarding, reading, taster of craft beers, researcher, & compression sock wearer. A HOT TUB SOAK CAN HELP YOU AVOID WORKING OUT WITH SORE MUSCLES When you work out, your muscles work hard and your body begins to burn energy.  is important for bone and heart health, and statistics show that most Americans are not getting enough of it. Active Recovery refers to the process of gentle stretching and massage of affected muscles. In fact, studies have shown a 5- to 16-fold increase from sauna and hot tub! As overworked muscle tissues become damaged, the body compensates by rebuilding even stronger, larger muscle tissues in their place. The length and quality coverage of a warranty should be important to you because of the simple fact that sometimes, manufacturing goes awry. (2019). A cold snap can do quite a bit of damage to an unprotected and unused tub, especially when that tub is on a porch or in a backyard gazebo. If you actually read the study that was cited, you will discover that hot tubs and cold tubs were not even tested. There are several ways in which hot tub use can relieve your arthritis and fibromyalgia pain, as many sufferers have already discovered. This water is pumped into the filter and then back into the tub via the jets. Oops, there was an error sending your message. Don’t store filters that are more than a year old; replace them with fresh ones when it’s time to use the tub again. When finished, soak up any extra water at the bottom of the tub with a soft towel. One of the most important steps in winterizing your hot tub is to remove the freeze plug(s) from the pump(s). Oils that are colored could leave stains on the sides of your hot tub, so it is important to use only hot tub-friendly products. CALF RAISES; This hot tub workout is easy and effective. However, science has proven hot tubs provide several benefits to your health and are a prime way to recover after a workout. Once you’ve covered all these bases, it’s time to bring that brand new hot tub home! Champaign, Il: Human Kinetics. If in doubt, read through the product reviews and feel free to ask your friendly hot tub dealer  can fit snugly into an available corner and look perfect. , read carefully through the care instructions and compare them with others. Experiment with some different fragrances, and enjoy your aromatherapy hot tub experience.  a lot simpler. Do the work, and you’ll thank yourself come spring. When your muscles have been used vigorously, they are frayed and broken. Aroma Infusions is a new option that is available on most Marquis Hot Tubs that injects fragrances in to the water with the simple push of a button. During the study, the scientists noted that it was challenging for participants to soak in a hot tub after a grueling workout. Besides space, you’ll have to consider the stored position of the hot tub cover. If you look at any hot tub/spa website or brochure, you will find all the supposed health benefits of hot tubbing, including benefits to muscle recovery from exercise. MUSCLE THERAPY WITH COLD AND HOT TEMPERATURES, “In general, a new injury will cause inflammation and possibly swelling. The filtration system in your hot tub should be a primary consideration, since it is this mechanism that keeps the tub clean and clear of debris. Physiological Response to Water Immersion. Using your hot tub to deal with arthritis will target two basic elements of your illness: pain, and movement therapy. Call us and we will send out an honest reliable certified technician. Pressure filtration is more reliable, meaning that it should ideally be included in the hot tub you choose for your home. Morton, R.H. (2007). And a 2012 review of 17 studies found that ice baths weren't more effective than active recovery in reducing muscle soreness. While the previous study only looked at next-day performance. Mark Lindsay, Bill Wells, and/or … On the other hand, upright covers can get in the way, and even ruin a well-thought-out design scheme. A jet-line cleaner will help to remove biofilm from the plumbing lines. Like any machine, your new hot tub needs care and maintenance. Using a cover lift makes using the bulky, somewhat heavy hot tub cover much easier, which is important for people that are older, simply unable to deal with the weight or would just like the added convenience. There are two basic options when it comes to choosing a cover lifter: Manual-Pivot or Hydraulic-Assisted. This process will also reduce the chance of bacteria building in the plumbing when the spa sits empty. If you've pulled, strained, or torn a muscle, you'll … CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE AFTER AROMATHERAPY SESSIONS. When sanitizing and cleaning the plumbing lines, it is very important to run the sanitizer and jet-line cleaner through all of the plumbing. These products are likely to cause problems with the equipment and filtration system in your tub. Fragrance is the general term for any scented oil. Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism. You can do a lot of low impact hot tub exercises that aid weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility, and injury prevention. Vaile, J., Halson, S., Gill, N. and Dawson, B. Petrofsky, J.S., Khowailed, I.A., Lee, H., Berk, L., Bains, G.S., Akerkar, S., Shah, J., Al-Dabbak, F. and Laymon, M.S. , whether indoors or outdoors, needs a good cover to keep it clean. When it’s time to put the cover back on, this frame helps you do so with much less effort. Instead of pulling and pushing the entire cover back into place, the basic lift allows you to fold it back over the tub much like the mattress in a sofa bed. Al Haddad, H., et al., Effect of cold or thermoneutral water immersion on post-exercise heart rate recovery and heart rate variability indices, Auton. Fibromyalgia doctors recommend three basic courses of action as a basic defence against the pain that comes with this disease: exercise, sleep and a positive attitude. Crampton, D., Donne, B., Warmington, S.A. and Egaña, M. (2013). People that suffer from constant feelings of cold may be suffering from a blood vessel problem such as Reynaud’s Disease or arteriosclerosis – in which case they are generally advised not to enter a hot tub. There are two basic types of filtration systems for hot tubs and spas: side suction, and side pressure. From leaks to software errors or faulty components; HOT TUB RECOVERY covers it all. "Your body gets stronger during recovery, not during the workout, so it is very important to optimize your recovery time." Hot tubs are not only designed for you to feel good while relaxing in the warm bubbling water, they have many therapeutic properties as well— ones that help heal sore muscles, alleviate any muscle soreness, and aid in recovery. and Walsh, N.P. This process helps many people to get a comfortable and full night’s sleep. entering a communal pool or hot tub while sick or chronically ill as these public spaces may not be properly cleaned. First, the pressure normally placed on joints is immediately reduced thanks to the buoyancy of the water, making that ailing limb seem as light as air. Wharton, J., Wharton, P. and Browning, B. The best companies make mistakes, and that’s why they’ve issued warranties – to keep customers happy and accommodated. Whether you’re fighting arthritis, dealing with fibromyalgia, recovering after a marathon or just searching for a way to relax your muscles, tendons, bones and mind, hot tubs have an important role to play. For some easy to implement recovery tips, check out my blog on “Recovery Techniques”. Yet another scientific analysis showed how pre-activity hot tub therapy can reduce the chance of injury and also optimize performance. Since your muscles will be loose and relaxed following the soak, they will more readily accept oxygen and nutrients from your blood as you sleep. … Many of these are designed to evaporate or be filtered out within one day, so that little residue is left behind. Salem, OR  If you are a bit sore and stressed from a workout, or from exertion of weak muscles, a long soak in a hot tub can provide immediate relief. Absolutely! Even short bursts of “water immersion therapy,” or hot tub use for sore muscles, showed encouraging data in regards to recovery, performance and athletic stamina. Stand in the middle of your hot tub and raise up onto your toes. These lifts work anywhere that a basic lift does. The warm water inside of your hot tub is just what the doctor order for your sore muscles. Heat, by contrast, makes the swelling and inflammatory response worse. The pumps are typically located in the front access panel with the other equipment in the hot tub. This leads to quicker, less painful muscle recovery. Even short-burst dips in the hot tub and jets have shown to not only improve recovery time but also improve performance and stamina. Frontiers in Physiology, 10. Most notably, an expansion of plasma volume, which will improve endurance performance as the physiological responses are similar to those produced during vigorous walking (for sedentary and out of shape people). The only known benefit to Hot Water Immersion (hot-tubbing) for athletes is heat acclimation adaptations for athletes not acclimated to hot environments. Neurosci. There are NO known benefits to muscle recovery, muscle soreness, or increased sports performance following Hot Water Immersion or “hot tubbing.”. A half cup of granular chlorine is the recommended dosage for most hot tub sizes. 25. Use manufacturer-approved scents and salts in the tub to help get you into a “spa” state of mind, and put on some music that helps you to relax. Camarillo, CA          Pain that recurs can be treated with heat, which will bring blood to the area and promote healing” ( University of Utah Health Care.). Depending on the model, a hot tub will typically have between one and three pumps. WHICH FRAGRANCES ARE OKAY TO USE WITH A HOT TUB? Chairs, bars and shelving Other fragrance products, such as time-released scent capsules, can not only stain your hot tub but leave small pieces that can clog the filtration system. Other than generating heat and warming up your muscles and joints before and after the workout, it can additionally help loosen them up as well with the use of air jets. Choosing between hydraulic-assisted and manual-pivot lifts is not the only decision you’ll need to make when finding the best cover lift. Winterizing your hot tub goes beyond simply draining the water, but this is still the most important step. All About Jets Series: How Hot Tub Jets Can Help Muscle Recovery.  any questions that are on your mind! When cold weather moves in, it can cause water within the tub to freeze. To produce fuel for muscle cells, your body uses oxygen to break down sugars to feed those cells. For these reasons, water removal is a little more complicated than just draining the tub or pumping out the water you can actually see. The invention of the hot tub has brought the hot spring to homes, wellness centers, and gyms around the world. 12-17. Hot Tub vs a Sauna for Muscle Recovery? (2006). Like most pieces of technology, the high-quality tubs come with a long-lasting warranty and a higher price tag. I prefer hot springs with a view (Near Pucón, Chile). The better your quality of sleep, the more time your body has to focus on rebuilding and repairing any damage to muscles, organs and bones. Jesse is Director of Pedal Chile and lives in Valdivia, Chile. Your own private hot tub, however, is the ideal place to relax and warm up. Hydraulic-assisted cover lifts are slightly more expensive than basic lifts, but not comparatively unaffordable.  isn’t going to fit everywhere, since its shape is rather unforgiving. This kind of cover lift is the least expensive option, and it works with most types of hot tubs, from the 7-person Euphoria to the 3-person 322. It’s important to keep your body toned and fit, since this way it will resist further degradation by the disease, and more pain in the future. Let us see how Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs can help us do just that. If your spa is equipped with the Constant Clean/Spa Frog built-in sanitation system, you’ll also want to remove the cartridge holder during this process. Cycling time to failure is better maintained by cold than contrast or thermoneutral lower-body water immersion in normothermia. With the help of a hot tub and a gentle Active Recovery regime, you can help your muscles to better access all three. New York: Three Rivers Press. The Ultimate Hot Tub & Swim Spa Experience, The Do’s and Don’ts of Winterizing Your Hot Tub (or Swim Spa), 3 HEALTHY BENEFITS OF HOT TUBS BACKED BY SCIENCE, HOT TUB THERAPY – ARTHRITIS & FIBROMYALGIA RELIEF. It is a cheap, drugless way of helping an amazing array of pain problems related to muscle dysfunction, especially neck and back pain” ( Paul Ingraham.). If your hot tub is equipped with diverter valves or tri-zone jet controls, it is important to adjust these controls so that you run water through all of the jets. As overworked muscle tissues become damaged, the body compensates by rebuilding even stronger, larger muscle tissues in their place. Water is a better heat conductor than air so it is quicker and more effective in facilitating muscle recovery. Effects of Postexercise Sauna Bathing on Recovery of Swim Performance. Instead, heat packs and cold packs were applied to the skin. by Lee Nuttall is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to In doing this, you will help reduce the muscle soreness felt the following day after exercising. Sitting in a hot tub for 20 minutes is hardly comparable to wearing a hot-pack for 1/3 of the day, but I don’t need to point out the obvious. Cold is the best form of therapy when your muscles are badly damaged, red and swollen. Intense physical exertion causes trauma to your muscles, including micro-tears. Effect of cold or thermoneutral water immersion on post-exercise heart rate recovery and heart rate variability indices. More sweating or promotion of dehydration, Increases body temperature at a time when you want your body to cool down. Hot tubs are a little different. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, pp.1–7. Before you drain your hot tub, you will want to use a heavy dose of sanitizer to kill any bacteria that may be in the plumbing lines. Ice will decrease the blood flow to the injury, thereby decreasing inflammation and swelling. Your hot tub can get you on track to better health! Thinking ahead means that your new purchase will fit where it is supposed to, look great, stay clean with ease and satisfy everyone who steps inside. GOOD AROMATHERAPY OPTIONS FOR YOUR HOT TUB EXPERIENCE. The SmartClean system built in to all Marquis hot tubs will also automatically clean the water after each use, which will remove excess fragrance and anything that is brought in to the tub by the user. Relieving pain and soreness after strenuous activity. As with other types of pain management, warmth and gentle stretching are always recommended. For this reason, you should not work on the same muscle groups two days in a row at the gym, in the spa, or wherever your muscles get used the most. All of which impose additional stress after you just stressed the body sufficiently by exercising or engaging in intense physical activity. The wet-end is the plastic side of the pump (not the motor side). Most professional/elite cyclists recover using cold water immersion or contrast therapy. (2019). If it freezes or snows where you live, you probably “winterize” the family car each year. The freeze plugs are located towards the bottom of the wet-end of each pump. Filter compartments can hold onto extra water quite easily, so it’s necessary to remove the filters and vacuum out any water that may be built up in the filter area. DRY OUT THE FILTER COMPARTMENTS AND REMOVE OLD FILTERS. To avoid disappointment when you get the cover lift home, be sure to consider how each potential lift will look and feel in the space before you buy. Every tub comes with a manual that explains everything you need to know about taking care of it; however these instructions vary from manual to manual and tub to tub. IMPROVED QUALITY OF SLEEP LEADS TO BETTER MUSCLE RECOVERY. Hot water increases blood flow and circulation; the more blood that is pumped through trained muscles the better, and there is no better way to do this than spending a few minutes in a hot tub. Effect of Hydrotherapy on Recovery from Fatigue. “Effects of Hot or Cold Water Immersion and Modified Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Flexibility Exercise on Hamstring Length.” Journal of athletic training vol. Oil is a good carrier for aroma since it protects the delicate structure of the cologne and it is easy to add to skin care products, perfumes and – of course – hot tubs. Aromatherapy is a practice used by holistic health practitioners who believe that certain fragrances have the ability to soothe and heal the body. both heat and cold therapy can promote healing, Do Stiffer Cycling Shoes Make a Difference. They are better than just taking straight hot or cold showers because the quick switch from hot to cold reduces inflammation and induces muscle recovery. The results after 14 minutes of hydrotherapy: Both Cold Water Immersion (CWI) and Contrast Water Therapy (CWT) enhanced next day cycling performance over 5 days of testing, Cycle-sprinting was enhanced by both CWI and CWT, Hot Water Immersion in a spa set at 100°F (38°C) led to nearly a 4% reduction in both sprinting and cycling performance (~4% slower/worse). Zurawlew, M.J., Mee, J.A. In the case of the heat pack, it was applied for 8 hours. Scoon, G.S.M., Hopkins, W.G., Mayhew, S. and Cotter, J.D. Hot tubs certainly feel wonderful, but that is the extent of their benefit for muscle recovery and won’t do anything for your riding performance. This dilates the blood vessels and allows new clean blood to be transported to the injured muscle regions to speed healing. Marquis Spa Bright surface cleaner is a great product to use that is specially formulated for hot tubs. The study also happened to be sponsored by Pfizer pharmaceuticals. Posted on Aug 15, 2017.  and stay mentally positive. But when it comes to your health, is there any scientific support for hot tub ownership? A hot tub is also relaxing and fun; something you will need after 4 painful days spent in the house using up all the ice cubes in your freezer. Side suction filtration works by sucking the water into the filter, and then circulating it back into the tub. Hot tubs can go hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle and positive physical therapy. Downloading, republication, retransmission or reproduction of content on this website is strictly prohibited. When you winterize your hot tub, you are ensuring its longevity through the seasons and years. After you drain the hot tub, start vacuuming the top jets and work your way down to the bottom jets and suction intakes. Having a soak in a hot tub, besides providing relaxation and pain relief, has been proven to aid in muscle recovery, reduced joint pain and sleep regulation. This is why even hot tub manufacturers do not recommend soaking if you have inflamed muscles. Warm temperatures will help the blood flow more easily through your muscles and bones, helping to remove plaque that causes stiffness and pain. There are 4 different methods for using water immersion in recovery: Thermotherapy (hot water immersion, such as a hot tub), Contrast therapy (alternate between hot and cold water), Temperate water immersion (temperature is not as important as the effects of hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy). Hydrotherapy: A forgotten Australian therapeutic modality. Generally speaking, the shape of the hot tub you choose is relatively unimportant – until you consider the space where you’d like to have it installed. A side pressure filtration system works with two suction areas, one near the top of the tub and one closer to the bottom. Cold tub about 45 seconds, hot shower 45 seconds, cold tub, shower etc.  over the hot tub and secure it. After removing all of the freeze plugs, be sure to keep them in a safe place. Although there is no rule that says hot tub owners must have a mechanized cover lift, it is a great idea! Active Recovery refers to the process of gentle stretching and massage of affected muscles. Soaking in a hot tub can relax you immediately after a gentle workout, but it is also an integral part of the toning and healing process. After a strenuous workout or a muscle injury, doctors and physical therapists recommend that their patients apply a cold ice pack to the affected area to bring down acute swelling and stop further stretching and pulling at the muscle. and Hoekstra, S.P. This means that they require rest and nutrition to recover and rebuild. Soft Tissue Methods.  should either be contained under a tarp or put inside for the winter. As well as assisting with physical therapy, your hot tub can actually help you to get a better rest All in all, a hot tub cover lift will make your soaking and muscle therapy time On the day of your procedure, here’s what you should keep in mind. GJD Enterprises LLC , 1408 Willow Road, Hendersonville, NC, 28739, United States. If you are looking to add sauna bathing to your training regimen (as opposed to recovery strategy) there are some benefits. In fact, you’ll benefit from soaking in the hot tub before and after exercise. On the top end of long-term recovery tools is the hot tub (Jacuzzi). They will generate water pressure exactly where you need and stimulate the muscle to work by relaxing it first. Content, including images, displayed on this website is protected by copyright laws. Check out that warranty before you order. Cardiovascular and Other Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing: A Review of the Evidence. Of the 4 types of water immersion techniques, thermotherapy (hot-tubbing) is the least effective, even though nearly every training center, health resort, gym, and sports complex has a hot tub or spa. This way, you can cover and uncover your hot tub without straining your muscles doing so. Heat is the best form of therapy when your muscles are aching and sore, but not visibly hurt. However, “winterizing” a hot tub or swim spa means something different.         Sauna or Hot Tub Simply uncap the bottle, add the recommended amount straight into the tub, and enjoy! A process called Active Recovery can soothe and rebuild those muscles more quickly, especially when coupled with hot tub therapy. Thermotherapy refers to being immersed in water that raises your core body temperature, which would be water that is hotter than 97°F (36°C) and generally between 100 to 115ºF (38 - 46°C). The better quality the tub, the easier it is to keep clean and functional. A properly engineered filtration system will usually remove most scents within 24 hours; this is good in case you add a fragrance that you end up not enjoying. [/quote] We did this when I played college ball. The benefits of using RecoveryTub include nervous system and cardio vascular system recovery, reduction of pain around the joints and muscles, and the ice baths assist with muscle regeneration and enhances muscle fiber remodeling. The Trick to … Pre-workout Hot Tub Use: The personal benefits of owning a hot tub are plentiful: a beautiful patio or indoor spa space; at-home stress relief; a nice place to soak and warm up during the fall and winter months. Make sure the cabinet door is fastened and that any accessories attached to the hot tub are clean and securely in place. Another large hot tub website says, “one study found that hot tubs and hydrotherapy helps sore muscles because the soaking reduces lactic acid.” At least this study actually looked at hydrotherapy, however, hot tubbing was not part of the investigation. (2013). Marquis carries a line of hot tub aromatherapy scents that work wonderfully with hot tubs and are recommended for use in a tub by Marquis. Hot/cold contrast is a recovery strategy practiced by athletes all over the world and it's usually done by jumping in a cold tub and then a hot tub. Unfortunately, this type of filter is criticized for failing to circulate – and therefore filter – all of the water in the tub. Many lifts keep their covers stored in an upright position that is visible from within the hot tub. Botox aftercare also includes some precautions. Why doesn’t Hot Water Immersion aid athletic recovery? Mayo Clinic Proceedings, [online] 93(8), pp.1111–1121. It’s a good idea to place freeze plugs in a plastic bag and leave them in the equipment area of the hot tub, so that they can easily be found when it’s time to re-fill the tub. It’s best to avoid these altogether and focus on pure fragranced oils or crystals that are recommended for hot tubs. Beaverton, OR          Heat is a universal pain treatment that has been used for thousands of years for a variety of injuries, strains and chronic illnesses. Adding fragrances to your hot tub will most definitely intensify your relaxation and therapy experience, but it’s important to choose the scents carefully before pouring them in. Livermore, CA. Scented crystals are another great option for bringing beautiful fragrances like Lavender Palmarosa or Warm French Vanilla into your hot tub environment. Marquis has an assortment of liquid and crystal scents that can be scent-tested before purchasing. Medical practitioners specifically recommend not Although it’s not a common occurrence, a hot tub can develop biofilm, which is a bacteria build-up that adheres to the surface of the plumbing. Cycling science. Again, the heat will help with pain management and make these stretches more satisfying. After all, there’s no point falling in love with The Broadway