1971. rredbbeard. *Buyer beware! It is a criminal offence to remove plants or seed of Aloe polyphylla from the natural habitat or to buy plants from roadside vendors. However, like most succulents, aloe polyphylla can be propagated with cuttings or offsets. Below: Seed-propagated Aloe polyphylla in the landscape at Succulent Gardens. Aloe Polyphylla Seeds, Aloe Vera Queen, 100pcs/pack quantity. An evergreen succulent perennial, it is well known for its strikingly … How to Germinate Aloe. I don't own the land where I grow my plants so I grow everything in pots, fully grown an Aloe polyphylla is 60cm plus in diameter in an 80 litre plus planter. References. ... You need at least one of the latter plants to have any chance at producing seed. Aloe polyphylla, called spiral aloe is an exceptional beauty and rarity among the aloe species. It is a criminal offence to remove plants or seed of Aloe polyphylla from the natural habitat or to buy plants from roadside vendors. But whereas Aloe Vera is valued for its medicinal properties, aloe polyphylla is coveted among succulent collectors for its striking spiraled leaf rosettes and vibrant red to pink flowers. seed has many charlatans and crooks selling weed seed to people. You can start seeds in almost any type of container, as long as it’s at least 2-3 ” deep and has some drainage holes. ... Scarring the seeds with sandpaper apparently helps promote germination, and my chosen method is to carefully chip the seed case with the tip of a razor, then soak it for 48 hours. Mggsndi 100Pcs Aloe Polyphylla Seed Garden Succulents Household Office Yard Horticulture - Heirloom Non GMO - Seeds for Planting an Indoor and Outdoor Garden $2.99. The leaves hold a considerable amount of water, so they are quite plump. Seed packets ship USPS for $3.00 per packet. Save seeds in a paper envelope in a cool, dark location. Genus Aloe can be mat-forming or shrubby evergreen perennials, with rosettes of fleshy leaves and small tubular flowers in racemes or panicles . Needs perfect drainage and and lots of bright light. Young aloe polyphylla plants must reach a diameter of eight to 12 inches before they attain the trademark spiraling pattern of leaves. All of the Aloes available have been carefully grown from seed and are now growing in a pot measuring 13cm in width. Each row contains between 15 and 30 sharp leaves, creating a rosette that can grow up to 1 foot (31 cm) across. Cool and damp, morning sun afternoon shade, never allow to dry out completely. Seeds of Aloe polyphylla were sown in fall of 2012. Thanks Aloe polyphylla is a fast-growing species that can reach full size in 5 or 6 years. Aloe polyphylla rocketing away. Aloe polyphylla is spellbinding. This is a very rare Aloe coming from the mountains and hills of Lesotho. Nearly 400 species belong to the genus aloe, including well-known and widely cultivated varieties such as Aloe vera. Full sun to light shade. In Veld & Flora ( 64:1) Bornman, H & Hardy D.S. 9b-11 This is a tough Aloe from high elevations of 7000 - 8000' that can withstand colder temps than most Aloes. Quote; Post by dk » Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:04 am Late february (this year!) Quantity: 1 pcs Name: Aloe Polyphylla Seeds Color: Picture is same as the picture Packing: OPP simple packaging Applications: Farm,terrace,garden,living room,study,windows,bedroom,patio 100% … Re: Aloe polyphylla germination Post by Clarke Brunt » Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:52 am Evidently both Mike and I donated Aloe polyphylla to the seed-list - I wonder if the batches were mixed together, or whether each packet would only contain seed from one batch? I've some polyphylla seeds. Aloe polyphylla rarely flowers under cultivation, and seeds can be difficult to come by. The snow covered A.p.photo is from Clark Brunts garden, who I sent seed to in the early 90's. Aloe polyphylla (spiral aloe, kroonaalwyn, lekhala kharetsa, many-leaved aloe) is a species of flowering plant in the genus Aloe that is endemic to the Kingdom of Lesotho in the Drakensberg mountains. It is a criminal offence to remove plants or seed of Aloe polyphylla from the natural habitat or to buy plants from roadside vendors. A handling instruction page is included with each order. How to Grow Aloe from Seeds. That said, I would almost always prefer a seed-grown plant (even better if it's been raised locally) when I have the choice. Collected almost to the point of extinction, it is now heavily protected in habitat and it is illegal to collect plants or seeds from plants growing in its natural habitat. Watering “Spiral Aloe” tends to need a bit less water than other succulents. Several failures in a row. First year growing spiral aloe polyphylla. The Aloe polyphylla is one of the best-selling seeds supplied by Chiltern Seeds. Native to high mountains in Africa, it's almost impossible to find. This Aloe polyphylla was grown from seed and is about 7 years old. If all goes well, eventually one may end up with some seedlings of Aloe africana. So 30 seeds, now 30 seedlings - it will be interesting to see how they grow from here on in. Aloe polyphylla (spiral aloe, kroonaalwyn, lekhala kharetsa, many-leaved aloe) is a species of flowering plant in the genus Aloe that is endemic to the Kingdom of Lesotho in the Drakensberg mountains. 1. The plants to the left of it are in one gallon cans and are about two years old. Pack of 5 fresh seeds, hand pollinated from UK grown plants. Our web site requires the use of cookies in order to function correctly.If you continue to use our site we will assume you will allow us to do this. Aloe seed is best to plant during the warm months, but you can plant it during winter too, provided that you can supply it with an ample amount of light, warmth and moist. Protect from frost and overly wet conditions. Aloes of the South African Veld Voortrekkerpers, Johannesburg. They are incredibly different Aloes due to their unique leaf formation which corkscrews out from the center of the plant. Aloe polyphylla (Spiral Aloe) Rare & Unusual. This avoids having the seed dry out (fatal), the introduction of fungal spores (almost always fatal) and the rapidly changing condtions on the surface of the soil in a propagator (often fatal). Regardless, a small fraction of the plants in cultivation actually live long enough to flower. 2019 05 28 Aloe polyphylla seeds _ Silverhill_ Xanthoria b.jpg (62.8 KiB) Viewed 2606 times. The current market in A.p. Plants which have been removed from their habitat usually do not survive for more than a few years. This fascinating, rare and beautiful Aloe from the mountains of Lesotho can be grown easy using our seeds. Details A. polyphylla is a compact evergreen perennial prized for the ornamental value of its foliage which is arranged in a pronounced spiral pattern. I quickly potted them on and to begin with I thought the growth was slow. But we located some seeds. An evergreen succulent perennial, it is well known for its strikingly … Beverly, A. Family Asphodelaceae . Aloe polyphylla seed (25 count) Genuine Aloe polyphylla seed created by hybridization technique developed by Alan C Beverly. A plant can count up to 150 leaves geometrically arranged in 5 ranks. They germinate readily and are as easy to grow as most succulents. Choose the right containers. The genus is native to Africa, and is common in South Africa's Cape Province, the mountains of tropical Africa, and neighbouring areas such as Madagascar, the Arabian peninsula, and the islands of Africa. At about 2 years old, the leaves begin to spiral either to the right or to the left, when viewed from above. “Spiral Aloe” is a rare succulent, with rosettes formed by five rows of leaves. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Get latest info on Aloe Vera Seeds, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Aloe Vera Seeds prices for buying. The container with the seed should be put on a bright spot in your apartment, but not exposed to direct sunlight. A Survey of Aloe Polyphylla. The wild population in Lesotho is almost extinct, and buying or collecting the plant there is a criminal offense. Hi. The Aloe polyphylla originates from Lesotho and is growing there in high mountains. Seeds should be used within the year they were harvested for best results. Aloe polyphylla comes from very high elevations, where the climate is cool, and nights are cooler. ... From seed to a beautiful plant measuring 15 cm in diameter in just six months, wow! Vermiculite comes in fine, medium and coarse, smaller plants need medium, large plants need coarse, the fine is used for growing from seed. Other common names many-leaved aloe . The spiraling from the center of the plant coming rosettes of spiral aloe give their typical appearance. Minimal temperature for Aloe germination is 70°F (21°C). The most common and well known of these is Aloe vera, or "true aloe". Post by vitovito2011 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:02 am. ... COVID-19 NOTE ; Make Your Seed to Garden. my first Aloe Polyphylla seeds germinated in water. Hello plant lovers: I've read the thread about Aloe polyphylla and note some sane ,cogent remarks but also some "voodoo" horticulture, which is incorrect . Plant database entry for Spiral Aloe (Aloe polyphylla) with 20 images, 3 comments, and 32 data details. Aloe is a genus containing about 400 species of flowering succulent plants. A. polyphylla is the only alpine member of the Genus. Germination has otherwise been very slow. Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe. Aloe seed propagation can begin immediately or wait until the following spring if sowing outdoors. Polyphylla is a relative of the common aloe vera.