Walking does not require money, special equipment, or a gym membership. A human walks about 3/5 km/hr. You will walk at a different pace depending on your mood, sad - slow, happy- faster. Most people it takes 15 to 20 minutes to walk a mile, a kilometer is shorter than a mile, so it is a short walk. Flight Distance Calculator » Need to know the distances between two cities by airplane? Travel Time Calculator » Need to calculate the time it takes to get to a city? Hiking with Small Children. : Convert miles and kilometers and see expected time at common walking paces. If you walk at 20 km per hour, it will take you 30 minutes. How Long Is 1 Kilometer. In the first box enter the number of miles (decimal points, e.g. Source(s): https://shrinks.im/a8zwE. 12-16 minutes power walking. Generally a person needs 1000m to walk 1km, give or take ;-) When I used to do a bit of hiking we used to reckon with 4km/hour, with a full pack. Published: 11 December, 2018 . How Steps Per Minute Affect Mile Time. Obviously, walking 20 miles takes more time than your routine 5-mile daily walk, so one long distance walk per week is a practical way to start. Whatever the reasons, it's likely your walking will be subject to time restrictions and you can use my Walk Time Calcualtor to work out how long your planned walk is going to take you. It's meaningless to try for an answer as it varies based on so many factors, a few are:— Age Sex Climate( temperature, wind,rain) Slope of the landscape where you walk . With backpacking gear and on moderate terrain, use this formula: Allow 30 minutes for every 1 mile forward PLUS 60 minutes for every 1000 feet of ascent . The Fitness of the Biker. Obviously, it is going to take you a LOT longer to walk when you’ve got a huge pack on your back. For instance, during week one on run/walk days, you'll run for 15 seconds and then walk for 45 seconds, repeating that cycle for 30 minutes. By: Stefania Koziol . Taking a short walk after eating may help lower your blood sugar. Time of Eating. Walking 20 km a day to lose weight is a time-consuming strategy, but you can make it work. Simply enter the details of your planned walk into the relevant boxes. When initiating a walking routine, start slowly then increase speed and intensity at an appropriate pace. Speed . However, if you plan on completing the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago, the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the walk should take you about 30 to 35 days; in order to achieve this time, you would need to walk between 23 and 27 kilometers per day (14 to 16 miles). 4 years ago. This will build your endurance for the 10K. If you walk 3 miles/hour, it takes you 20 minutes to walk a mile, and 12 minutes to walk a kilometer. So, an average person should be able to walk 10 kilometers within 2:15-2:30 hours. we know ,that speed =distance /time . Or you can always walk, if you're adapting the training for a 5K walk. At a 3 km/hour, however, which is the speed of a slow walker, a person could cover the same distance for an hour and a half. So, a nice easy one would be how many hours does it take to cover 30km when you are travelling at 120km/h. This is a common distance for charity walks, especially those with accessible routes. This calculator will calculate how many hours, minutes, and seconds it will take to drive to a destination. Age can influence how fast you run. You could say 5km/hour without a pack. My suggestion. Walking can be a great form of exercise. 12 km is 12 km no matter what you're in, so I'm guessing you wonder how long it'd take to travel 12 km in a car. Probably take you 10 to 15 minutes . Will take about 1-1/2 hours at a 10 mph bicycling pace. Time = distance/speed. But, you can expect to finish a 5K in roughly 30 to 40 minutes. 1 decade ago. Walk it yourself before school starts and add 15 minutes to your time. At such a rate, a person can cover 5 kilometers between 45-60 minutes. If you walked at 5 km/hr (about 3 mi/hr), then you could walk 1 km in 12 minutes, and thus 200 meters (1/5th km) in 2 minutes and 24 seconds. Maybe so, but every mile you walk over 20 in training increases your likelihood of injury and adds to your recovery time. The average walking speed for adults is 3 to 4 miles per hour, or about 1 mile every 15 to 20 minutes. Especially considering that you need to do 1.5 miles (NOT Km) in 12 minutes 11 seconds if you're a guy, 14 minutes and 26 seconds if you're a girl. An average person walks between 15 to 20 minutes a mile, so you arrive at the same 45 to 60 minutes to walk a 5K. 3K: 3 kilometers equals 1.85 miles, or 9842.5 feet, or just a little less than 2 miles. In 2018, The British Journal of Sports Medicine tracked the steps per minute of people walking at various speeds and arrived at the following ranges. It depends on how fast you walk. As the weeks progress, you'll gradually increase time spent running and reduce the time spent walking. If you walk at 5 km per hour, it would take you 2 hours. 25 km is equal to 15-1/2 miles. Add intensity and burn more calories by wearing a backpack. Our final variation is calculating how much time it takes when you know the distance and the speed. Most runners reach their fastest speed between the ages of 18 and 30. Please enter the distance (miles) and the speed (mph) below, and then press "Time to Drive". Will take about 5-1/4 hours to walk at a 3 mph walking pace. It is always better to be early than late. Anonymous. How long does it take to walk 2.4 km? Last summer I went hiking with my daughter who is 5 years old. How Long Does It Take to Walk 10,000 Steps? distance =3.1 km speed =km /h. It takes an average person to walk 1 mile at a moderate pace 20-25 minutes. The variant I use is: – If walking with a day pack, allow 1 hour for each 3 miles (5 km, near enough), plus 1 hour for each 2,000 ft (600 m) climbed. At 12 KMH it'd take one hour. Lv 4. It can also be used for training purposes through the multipoint pace calculator, convert between units of pace, and estimate a finish time. And that depends on the speed of the car. The time that it takes us to travel one light-year is (unsurprisingly) considerably longer than a year. Coordinates Finder » Need to know the lat and long of a city? Distance Calculator – How far is it? This would make it possible to walk 1 km in 12 minutes, 2 km in 24 minutes, and 2.9 km in 35 minutes. On the alternate week, increase the distance of your long walk steadily while walking at an easy pace throughout. Train for a 10K Walk Practice. Anonymous. “…A Full Pace march for a Roman Legionary in basic training required a march in daylight hours of 22 miles. 5 years ago. The distance is calculated in kilometers, miles and nautical miles, and the initial compass bearing/heading from the origin to the destination. But for most beginning walkers, the transition from walking for an hour to walking for two is a natural one as your physical strength slowly improves and you build up strong walking habits. Walking is a great form of exercise, especially for beginners. Speed = distance (425.5km) / time (5.375 hours) = 79.16km/h. Mood Time of walk. The average 5K time depends on a few factors, including age, sex, and fitness level. How To Predict Your Finish Time: How long will it take you to finish a 10K, half marathon, or marathon? 0 0. The overall fitness of a biker will have a significant impact on the amount of time it takes to cover any distance. Give it a try. How long does it take to walk 3.1 km at a speed of 4 km an hour? Want to walk faster? It takes 15 to 20 minutes to walk 1 mile at a moderate pace. Mile: A mile is 1.61 kilometers or 5280 feet. See the trend? This all depends on your physical condition and length of your legs. Rest assured, if you can make it through 20 in training you'll make it through 26.2 just as easily in the race. For a beginner, even 10 miles would seem a struggle to ride. Also if you listen to music. Each person walks at a different pace. Any time you have to climb any significant amount, it’s really good. 0 0. lael. It takes 60% as long as it does to walk a mile. Ultra-long training walks also are more likely to slow down your marathon pace than they are to improve it. How to use the Calculator. How to Measure Your Walking Speed; How to Walk Faster; Train for a 5K Walk: This is a popular distance for charity walks. Condition of health. So basically 12-15 minutes per km. How to calculate time taken to cover a distance. The Distance Calculator can find distance between any two cities or locations available in The World Clock. If you walk at 2.5 km per hour, it will take you 4 hours. Now, you want to know how long it will take to drive to your destination. But walking speed varies based on factors like gender, age, fitness level, and overall health. Before you know it, you will be seeking out half-marathons and dreaming of walking a marathon. listen to upbeat music. That should cover short breaks, but you need to add time for longer breaks. This free pace calculator computes pace, time, and distance, given values for two of the variables. Before you create a 26-mile walk training plan, know it'll take you about 8.5 hours at 3 miles per hour — or less for those with a faster walking speed. You need to up your training big time if your test is in 5 weeks, running just 1km will be no where near enough. The average running speed per mile in a 5K (5-kilometer or 3.1-mile race) is below. If you walk at 10 km per hour, it would take you 1 hour. Flight Time Calculator » Need to calculate the time it takes to get to a city by plane? 17-20 minutes at a faster pace. 1 9. Taking into consideration the following variables will give you even more answers to the question – How long does it take to bike a mile? Add 15 minutes to the time, increasing it steadily every two weeks. 12.3 is allowed). It takes 10 to 12 minutes to walk at a moderate pace. Aim for 5km (run/walk/run/walk etc) three times a week. A 5K is 3.06 miles.